The Questions

Questions never stop coming.

In the East where people normally too care with others (or maybe too curious), we can’t expect to liberate ourselves from questions. First it knocks our door with how are you, then what are you doing, where do you want to go, what is your job, when are you going to depart, when will you get married, and a full basket of other queries that lead us to think: am I a suspect or something? Are you my mama whom I should gradually give reports to her about anything? Too many questions will make people sick.

Well, maybe it’s just the way to start a conversation, particularly used by people whom we rarely meet. But for me, it’s more like an interrogation—and because it sounds like a vocabulary for murderer or terrorist, I don’t always like it.

Or perhaps, it’s not questions that bother us, but our current condition. For the time being, I hate when people ask me when (or where) I am going to study. It requires long answer and besides that, I am still working on it. It’s not simple. I’m imagining if I’m officially accepted by a university, it’ll be easier for me to give a respond. At least, I will deliver a more whole-hearted reply. 

We can’t make people stop questioning our life, but we can do something to make our heart feel better when it comes. If you agree with me that the nuisance doesn’t only lie on questions (it also resides on condition), then we need to strive to make our plan’s working and our dream’s coming true. If you in the middle of something, you must finish it. If your life design is still inside your mind, push your body to start it. Progress will always be a good news, while stagnation will constantly be an awful broadcast.

With that said, the real problem is not question itself; it’s our response toward it. It’s like a morning alarm which gives us three options: to ignore, to snooze, or to wake up. So what is your best reaction?

Tuesday, October 6, 2015 by Muhammad Haekal
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  1. Seringnya sih ku ignore :D #apasih

  2. i experienced it in May 2015.
    terkadang mereka bertanya bukan karena peduli, tapi hanya sekedar penasaran. kita tak wajib memenuhi rasa penasaran itu, bila susah saja tidak kita bagi dengan mereka.
    cayoo..haikal, semoga urusannya dilancarkanNYA. amiiin

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